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Formed in 1975, Superlift is a pioneer in the industry. Today, Superlift is one of the few suspension companies that is owned and operated by actual four-wheel drive enthusiasts! Our company philosophy and product line reflects this passion.

We are also one of the few suppliers that builds our own plate steel bracketry and tubular components. This sister manufacturing company is housed in the same facility as our Product Development Department. In-house manufacturing gives us the oversight needed to consistently produce exceptional, high quality parts.

Super LiftEach year Superlift produces organized trail rides at some of the best off-road destinations found in the country, like Colorado, Arkansas, Indiana, and Florida. These events, called 4xAdventures, offer four wheeling for all experience levels, and all vehicle types, at a very reasonable price. Participating puts you face-to-face with our tech staff, fellow enthusiasts, and it gives you an opportunity to scope-out the latest Superlift products and projects. We attend other rides too, such as the Moab Easter Safari and Rosser's Jeep runs. You can also find us at most of the larger national 4x4 and outdoors shows held in cities such as Indy, Lima, Bloomsburg, and Memphis. Look for the big black, yellow and blue Superlift 18-wheeler. This "hands on" approach, along with a worldwide dealer network, keeps us in touch with our customers.