4 X 4 Plus LLC

Custom Classic Car and Truck Restorations

   Cab On Restoration And Upgrade

Our 1992 Dodge Puller receiving a 1997 Cummins upgrade along with a new aftermarket base model for a twin turbo BD Turbo and HD South Bend Clutch, and a new flat bed. 

Prep work prior to new paint job.

   Dodge Truck Custom Restoration   1992 Dodge Truck Custom Restoration

    1992 Dodge Truck Custom Restoration    





   BD Turbo

 94-02 BD Aftermarket base model for twin turbo    94-02 BD Aftermarket base model for twin turbo        

On board air compressor with 8" Firestone airbag overloads  


Now For The Camo Paint Job

Paint provided by the nice people at

Post Falls, ID